About Us

NeonProperty creator started his profession in property finance in the early 1990s and has been a certified California Real Estate Broker and property management expert since 1992. In 2000 Eduardo formed the full-service property company Energy Real Estate. Eduardo spun off the extremely effective property management department in 2013, producing NeonProperty.


Originating from the field of tax, Eduardo was tired of being nickeled and dimed by San Francisco property management business. He understood that a new hot water heater for a single-family home ought to not cost $3,000.00 and he understood that there ought to not be a 25% markup on the hot water heater purchase even if somebody at the property management company invested 5 minutes on the phone buying it. That is what he was faced with if he desired somebody else to "handle" his rental homes.


Another aching area for Eduardo was produced whenever a new occupant was required for among his homes. All the readily available San Francisco property management business wished to put the new renters on a "month-to-month" type lease. Sure, this kind of lease is excellent for renters because they can leave at any time, but what about the owner? Why on the planet should a home or building owner need to fret about an uninhabited property or system next month or the month after? Owners want (and are worthy of) a foreseeable and consistent capital and they need to have that in writing (i.e. a strong, well composed, repaired term lease). Not only that, every lease renewal ought to be for a "set term"! Why was it so hard to find a property management company that shared the exact same vision??


Enough sufficed! Eduardo understood that if he wished to cut expenses and increase his month-to-month rental earnings (while enhancing responsiveness to renter concerns and considerably enhancing the lifestyle for his occupants), there was only one way to do it ... start his own property management company!


Therefore, you have it, from disappointment (and disgust) with all the presently readily available property management business, a new vision was born ... NeonProperty.